Tricky: adjective
1. (Of a task, problem, etc.) requiring care and skill because it is difficult or awkward. 
2. Deceitful or crafty.

Having recently started my second year of uni, I find the word ‘tricky’ to be particularly pertinent. Our first module has just ended in a fevered flurry of hand-ins – one especially hectic week required the completion of two lab reports, coursework and maths exercises, along with four group and two individual essays. However, this is not a bad thing. I flourish on ‘tricky’. Yes, it may seem overwhelming on the face of it – deadlines loom over your head like storm clouds on a sunny summer day – but that feeling of satisfaction, of sheer accomplishment, when you complete it all. It’s unparalleled. Those neat little to-do-list ticks, the ritualistic closure of all the tabs in your internet browser. Challenges are what I live for.

Everyone has a bit of trickiness in their lives, and what people find ‘tricky’ is unique and can take many, many forms. Fights with siblings, mental health, choosing a flavour of yoghurt – there is a broad spectrum of ‘tricky’. The term can be both incredibly banal or very severe, depending on context. That’s the beauty of it. In fact, it’s the presence of ‘tricky’ makes those small victories that much sweeter. After all, in the words of Moliere: ‘the greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.’


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